‘Special Forces: Who Dares Wint’: lack of sleep causes tension in the group

Special Forces: Who Dares Wins is due for the fourth episode next week. There is a peer report on the program. The remaining recruits have to evaluate each other and that obviously has an effect.

Eleven famous Flemish people who are physically and mentally challenged in a desert. That’s the summary of the new Special Forces: Who Dares Wins which can be seen on VTM since yesterday. In it we saw Koen Wauters, Ann Wauters, Georges-Louis Bouchez, Francisco Schuster, Laura Tesoro, Nick Bril, Steven Laureys, Hannelore Simoens, Dirk Van Tichelt, Davy Parmentier and Francesco Planckaert.

Already five dropouts

In the first episode of Special Forces: Who Dares Wins the viewers immediately had to say goodbye to ex-cyclist Francesco Planckaert, who went too deep while pumping and hurt his shoulder. In episode 2 they were even two dropouts. Georges-Louis Bouchez, who had already received a warning, eventually kept the honor to himself. Top chef Nick Bril then had to deal with severe knee pain and also had to give up.

In the third episode there were again two dropouts. Hannelore Simoens suffered too much from an old back injury and Francisco Schuster had a hard time mentally.

Peer report and sleep deprivation

The remaining six recruits, meanwhile, continue their special forces training. They are tested both mentally and physically on the fourth day. A peer report provides the mental test. In it they must answer questions such as: “Who is the strongest of the team?”, “Who is the weakest link?” and “Who would you not like to go on assignment with?”. Afterwards, the instructors discuss the results.

The physical challenge is not only provided by the tough assignments, namely a 12-kilometre orientation tour through the Moroccan desert and a rappel descent from a steep mountainside. Sleep deprivation in particular is starting to play tricks. Especially with Dr. Steven Laureys, an expert in the field of sleep, sleep deprivation is starting to weigh. His chaotic way of acting increasingly irritates the other recruits.

Watch a preview here Special Forces: Who Dares Wins:

Special Forces: Who Dares Wins can be seen on VTM every Monday at 8.35 pm.

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