Sony Introduces Sony SRS-XV800 Party Speaker With 360-Degree Audio

Sony announced the SRS-XV800 this week. The Sony SRS-XV800 is a large party speaker with five tweeters and powerful bass that together deliver a 360-degree party sound. You can use the speaker wirelessly for a full day.

The Sony SRS-XV800 is a huge speaker with an illuminated touch screen and mood lighting that automatically synchronizes to the beat and rhythm of the music, so that each room can be lit in a unique way to match the desired atmosphere and personal style. The powerful audio, the mood lighting and the available karaoke and guitar input ensure that you always have a party with the SRS-XV800.

The speaker has five tweeters that provide a clear sound on both the front and back of the speaker. You can of course just leave the speaker on the power, but the speaker also has a large battery so you can take the speaker with you wherever you go. This battery lasts 25 hours. The speaker is not small with a size of 317 x 720 x 375mm and a weight of 18.5 kg, but the built-in wheels and the handle of the SRS-XV800 ensure that you can still easily move the speaker.

The Sony SRS-XV800 has an IPX4 rating and Bluetooth Fast Pair7 for Android and will be available in the Netherlands and Belgium from this month for 699 euros.

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