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Date posted: 18-05-2023 20:00:00

The last training of this season took place for the selection of ADO Den Haag on Thursday. For trainer Dick Advocaat, a long career as a trainer came to an end, although … you never know with Advocaat of course.

When Advocaat entered the training field of the Irene sports park in Rijswijk around 11:00 am, there was a tear in the eyes of the 75-year-old trainer, according to the supporters present. The training itself differed in no way from the previous training sessions. Lawyer and his assistants Said Bakkati and John Metgod gave the players instructions and let the group, which is in the starting line-up against Young AZ on Friday, play games against the other players.

Farewell supporters Dick Advocaat ADO Den Haag last training

At the end of the training, Advocaat and Bakkati had a short talk with Denzel Hall on the field, after which Advocaat walked towards the portacabin, which serves as his office in Rijswijk.

Even before he had reached the end of the training field, he received a spontaneous applause from the supporters present.

That clearly affected him. He approached the group of supporters, some of whom have been present at the training sessions almost daily, and thanked everyone for the support he has received. After he gave all the supporters a firm hand and thanked them again, it was time for a few selfies and some autographs. A young supporter also received his ADO bodywarmer that he had worn during training and then Advocaat quickly disappeared into his office.

Assistant Bakkati gave his head coach this deserved attention and farewell and he therefore waited a little further on. But then Bakkati also said goodbye to the supporters and had one of the stewards present take a group photo with the supporters. “It will soon be hanging in my study!” John Metgod also said goodbye to the supporters. They will probably both return to a club on the training field somewhere.

But for the little general ended after more than 42 years (provisionally?) His coaching career. A career that of the amateurs of DSVP in Pijnacker ended at HIS club ADO Den Haag through all kinds of World Cups, European Championships, Champions League matches, national championships and Cup finals at home and abroad.

Dick thanks and hope to see you soon!

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