SEXY STORY: Relaxation

With her oiled, warm hands, she grabs my right foot and gently presses the wiry top. She runs her fingers over the back of my foot and grabs my toes one by one. First the big toe, which she gently squeezes and pulls a little. Then the second toe, until she’s had them all. Then she circles my ankles and grips my heel with powerful fingers. She applies pressure from the bottom up and I think of what people sometimes say about how each pressure point is connected to a different part of the body.

I felt so vulnerable today. Sometimes you have that: everything people say touches you directly in your deepest human being and ideally you just want someone to put an arm around you so that you can burst into tears. In these hands I feel good and I enjoy the touch.

When she’s had my feet, she grabs my calves and firmly massages out the muscle knots. Each time she starts at my ankles and goes a little further up each time. Steadily she continues towards my thighs and my hamstrings. I find myself unable to suppress a chuckle: those hamstrings are so tense from working out that I can’t relax at all when she massages them.

“It’s nice that you’re here today.”

Then I recognize her voice. Zahira! The girl from my regular hangout who was flirting with me like that. She always wouldn’t pour me until I’d cuddled her, and then I got a lot more to drink than I intended. Last week she was not there and when I inquired with the owner it turned out that she had resigned. Too bad, now I probably wouldn’t see her again, I thought. And now here! In all my vulnerability, I surrendered to her hands today.

I suddenly feel a little tense and notice a wave of excitement running through me. Zahira continues unperturbed over my thighs towards my buttocks. I try to lie still and she probably notices the tension, because she leaves my buttocks for what it is for a while. Then she massages my back and I sink back into my state of relaxation. She massages my neck and head. Then she asks me to lie on my back.

I lie stark naked on my back, but I don’t care anymore. She massages my forehead and temples. Then she massages my ears and playfully pulls my earlobe. A lock of hair falls over me and when I look up in amusement, I catch a quasi-concentrated look. She returns my gaze with the flirtatious attitude she always adopts when she addresses me.

“I locked the door, so we have the place to ourselves.”

She looks at me meaningfully. I feel how I can no longer control my breathing completely. The complete relaxation has given way to horniness and I would like her to continue on a further journey of discovery with my body.

“Do you want this?” It’s out before I know it.

She’s at work, I’m her client, and I don’t want her to do anything she doesn’t approve of. At the same time I wonder if I am interpreting the signals correctly and not stepping over an invisible line by speaking it out. She smiles and takes off her bathrobe. Underneath she has a black camisole with her nipples poking through. The light strokes her full breasts and light brown skin. I want to touch her.

We look at each other and it’s clear. This is going to happen. I pull her arm onto the dais and lay her down comfortably on a pile of pillows I gather around me. I sit on her and kiss her. She kisses good! Then I descend towards her neck and give her a kiss there too. She moans softly. I lick her earlobe, grab her breasts and suck her nipples. Her belly is so delicious. I grab her soft skin around her hips and squeeze it tightly.

I feel her surrender and bury my face in her body. She opens her legs for me and I taste her pleasure. She feels so nice and warm and soft, I have to calm myself down not to go too fast. I kiss her pussy lips and lick gently until I feel her relax further.

I put my fingers in my mouth and look at her teasingly. She is enjoying herself in the pillows and looks at me if I please continue. It turns me on even more. I teasingly decide to give a bee to the inside of her thigh. Her breathing quickens and a high-pitched sound comes from deep in her throat. Then I enter her and gently apply further pressure to her clitoris with my tongue. With my other hand I grab her buttocks tightly. I feel her relax in my hands and slowly pick up the pace.

I feel her pressing her face against me. I keep going, but I don’t want her to come yet. Not yet, I want to let her enjoy it as long as possible. I straighten up and crawl to her face. We look deeply into each other’s eyes and she kisses me. It’s a wonderful kiss that leaves tingling all over my body.

“Can I sit on you?” she asks softly.

Gone is her tough, teasing attitude. I see a beautiful, vulnerable woman who indicates what she wants. I lie down and she straightens up. Her body is so incredibly beautiful, so pure and real. I want to grab her everywhere and let her sit all over me. She sets the pace. Slowly I feel how she tilts her pelvic floor further and gives me access to her clitoris. I soften my tongue so she can ride over me. She moves so beautifully.

I squeeze her bottom harder and she moans. I give her a tap on her buttocks and she gasps that she likes it. I feel her approaching climax, but I don’t let it happen yet and push her onto her back. She trembles with desire as I slowly run my hand over her body. Her lower abdomen, her upper legs. I grip her buttocks tightly. She moans and looks at me pleadingly. I enjoy the control I have over her and the visible pleasure I generate in her. I lick her breasts and nipples and she enjoys! Her hands seek my crotch, but I push her hand away.

“Still your turn,” I say and kiss the inside of her thigh until I’m back where I was.

She can’t hold it anymore and pushes her clitoris back and forth over my tongue. I can see how she enjoys every move she makes. I can even feel my own clitoris warming up from what I’m doing to her and how her body reacts to it. She pushes me back onto my back and sits on top of me. Full of surrender she rolls over me with her pelvic floor. I can feel myself accessing the most sensitive spots and with every movement she makes she comes to a more intense level.

I relax my tongue completely and she slowly applies more pressure. Every movement is as if I feel it within myself. She approaches her peak and moves more and more intensely. I find it so horny how my tongue brings this pleasure to her. Slowly she rides over me, from bottom to top with her beautiful hips and then she comes moaning. A trace of moisture escapes from her interior and I let it go. She rolls off me and we fall into each other’s arms.

When I wake up from a deep sleep, she gestures to me: “You can put your bathrobe back on.” I shake off the images. Did I dream? Then she walks out with me. “You can come more often,” she says with a wink.

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