Second iOS 16.5 release candidate is out: official release approaching!

Apple has released the second iOS 16.5 release candidate (RC): this is the last beta before the real update appears. What’s new in the next version of iOS 16? And when can you install it?

iOS 16.5 beta

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iOS 16.5 release candidate: what’s new?

A first RC of 16.5 appeared last week. A second RC followed on Monday 15 May, which is quite exceptional. Usually no second release candidate comes out, but apparently something was wrong with the first RC – it must have been details.

Up to and including the fourth beta, it seemed as if only one new iOS 16.5 function was added for your iPhone in the Netherlands and Belgium – you will soon be able to make a screen recording via a voice command to Siri. But at the last minute there is now an extra innovation and it has everything to do with the latest Apple Watch strap.

Pride celebration wallpaper

You will soon find an extra wallpaper for your lock screen in 16.5. It is a Pride Celebration wallpaper to support the LGBTQ+ community. This is not a complete surprise: Apple announced an Apple Watch Pride 2023 strap last week, and a matching watch face and iPhone wallpaper were also revealed. The wallpaper comes in light and dark mode and moves when you unlock your phone.

iOS 16.5 release

In the press release surrounding the new Apple Watch strap last week, Apple revealed in a footnote when the next update will appear: “The new Pride Celebration watch face and iPhone wallpaper will be available starting next week. Requires watchOS 9.5 and iOS 16.5.” So the week of May 15, and we expect the update on Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

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iOS 16.5 is perhaps the very last interim update to iOS 16 before iOS 17 appears this fall. For comparison: in 2022, iOS 15.5 was the last version with real new functions, after that only minor updates with bug fixes followed. With iOS 17 you can expect major innovations for your iPhone again. At WWDC on June 5, Apple will reveal what’s new for your iPhone and other Apple devices.

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