Samsung demolishes SmartThings app: this is the solution

Samsung has demolished the SmartThings app. The application that can be used to control smart devices from the brand has logged out users and can no longer be operated. The problem seems to have been going on for weeks.

SmartThings app unusable

Samsung has the SmartThings app to control smart devices. Think of your robot vacuum cleaner, lighting, televisions, air conditioning or other smart products from Samsung, such as the locator tag that you can find with SmartThings Find. DroidApp discovered that the application has been scrapped by Samsung. The application is therefore unusable for the users of the application. It is therefore impossible to quickly check whether your robot vacuum cleaner has completed its round.

Samsung Smartthings logged out

When you open the SmartThings app, you will receive a message that you have been automatically logged out of your Samsung account. You must log in again to continue using the SmartThings app. However, you then end up in a loop, according to tests by DroidApp, which are confirmed by various users. If you want to log in again with your Samsung account, you must enter a verification code, which you will receive, but after which nothing will happen. And so you end up in a loop.

Fortunately, there is a relatively simple solution. When you remove the application from your smartphone or tablet and then reinstall it from the Google Play Store, you can log in in the normal way. This may work best if you still check in the current app that the login may be saved on this device.

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