Revamped Eve Flare brings Thread to portable LED light

The Eve Flare has been around for a while, but has now been revamped. The smart and portable LED lamp has support for Thread and bluetooth. You can easily take the portable lamp with you and use it indoors and outdoors. Thanks to IP65, the lamp is water resistant. You can charge it wirelessly and then you can use the lamp for six hours. You can choose all the colors of the rainbow in the app or use voice assistant Siri. Apple Home is also supported, as we are used to from Eve.

Thanks to Thread and Bluetooth, the lamp is ready for the new smart home standard Matter, although this will be added at a later time via a firmware update. This obviously requires a thread border router. Don’t you want all that? No problem, you can also use the Eve Flare without a hub with your iPhone or iPad.

The portable ball of light has a diameter of 25 centimeters. The wireless charging station is included. The built-in LED lamp is not very bright, but should provide a pleasant atmosphere in the house. The lamp emits 90 lumens.

Eve Flare – Price and Availability

The renewed Eve Flare is available at Amazon (in the Netherlands and Germany) for about 100 euros. Prices vary by country, so it’s always worth checking. This model replaces the previous model that you probably can’t get anywhere anymore. Earlier, Eve launched new Matter-compatible devices. A new Eve Shutter Switch has now also been added for the European market.

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