Research offers striking insight about women with large breasts

New scientific research provides a striking insight about women with large breasts. Wait a while before enlarging, we would say.

There was once a study in the news that would prove that men who stare at breasts live longer. This is a hoax that comes back once every few years. But this new study is scientific, and it provides some surprising insight.

Women ‘dissatisfied’ with large breasts

Large breasts are associated in the Western beauty ideal with sexy and attractive. But research shows that women with breasts themselves are not very satisfied with their breast size. On the contrary, a large bosom was linked by many respondents to dissatisfaction.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. But large bosoms still attract attention. It is not for nothing that women consider having a plastic surgeon examine their cup size. Although there has certainly been a lot to do about silicone implants in recent times.


The survey on the (dis)satisfaction of large breasts was carried out by the University of Wollongong. Scientist Isobel Oon and her team studied 345 women between the ages of 18 and 83. In addition to age, height, and BMI, the size of their breasts was also measured. Respondents also answered questions about their satisfaction with their breasts and their willingness to engage in physical activity.

Bosom satisfaction was measured on a scale of 1 to 4. All kinds of questions were asked. How comfortable are bras? What do you think of the shape? What do you think about the size? Does the size suit your body? And do your breasts look in clothes?

More dissatisfaction

During the study, larger breasts were found to be related to greater dissatisfaction. Incidentally, BMI and age did not really play a role in satisfaction. The latter surprised the researchers, because breasts change with age or weight gain. Greater bust satisfaction was found to be in line with an increased quality of life. Breast satisfaction was also found to be linked to more physical activity, i.e. exercise. Women who were dissatisfied with their breast size were also less willing to engage in physical activity.

Just because you’re not satisfied with big breasts doesn’t mean your grandpa and grandma aren’t. This is not some crazy fabrication of ours, but a fraction of the life of actress Sydney Sweeney.

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Science offers new insight about big-busted women

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