REBOUND: Take part in the largest grave event in the world

Those who are a bit familiar with the gravel calendar, know that this year Unbound Gravel in Kansas will be ridden on June 3. Even if it is only the lucky few who can afford a trip to Emporia and participate in that legendary event.

Just because gravel belongs to everyone, Shimano – together with Laurens ten Dam’s Live Slow Ride Fast – is launching #REBOUND2023. This is a worldwide ‘grave event’ in which gravel bikers from all over the world are warmed up to go gravel on the same day as Unbound.

The big goal? Cycling together at least one million kilometers that day. ‘United in clay, we ride’ is the catchphrase.

What are the game rules?

Everyone can and is allowed to participate in REBOUND, although there are a few rules that you must observe:

  • You start wherever you want and build your own route
  • Your route is 25 miles (40 km), 50 miles (80 km), 100 miles (160 km) or 200 miles (320 km) long (These are the distances you can also choose during Unbound)
  • Your route runs as much as possible on gravel and off-road roads
  • You leave on June 3 sharp at 6 a.m. – that’s also a nod to the gravel race in Kansas
  • You stop a maximum of 2 times along the way
  • You throw a party afterwards 😉
  • You share your adventures with the hashtags #rebound2023 and #unitedingravel

Do you also want to win a hefty prize from Shimano with your #REBOUND ride? Then register for free as a participant on the REBOUND website and participate in the REBOUND Challenge on Strava.

By the way, this is the prize pool for those who register:

  • 10 pairs of Shimano RX6 gravel shoes
  • 5 posters of Rebound Ride
  • 3 weekend tickets for LtD Gravel Raid
  • 2 VIP tickets for the Tour de France thanks to Skoda
  • 1 ‘Live Slow Ride Fast’ experience

Good luck and above all: HAVE FUN!

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