Reality check mom life! Women should never forget this!

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Reality check for women to the Max!

Vacation does a person good. Time for your partner, your family, but most importantly: for yourself! Real mark the place and have room for interests other than your family, household and work. I won’t hide the fact that eventful weeks are behind us. Farewell to loved ones, shifts in personal and work areas and disappointments also had to be processed. It became a realreality checkduring my days off. The holiday came as called. Unplugged of everything at home and recharging myself came as called.

I have everything on my relax chair review let pass and I have come to a few insights…. in particular a list of things that women should never forget and what we really should remember….

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Top 10 Reality check for women

1. Grass is greener next door

Everyone is surrounded by someone who seems to be real everything on the road having a clean house, perfect marriage, good job to well-behaved children. Don’t be fooled, for someone else that could be you! Bumps on the road are just part of it and it often looks like nothing is difficult for someone else. But appearances are deceiving…, really and truly!

2. Embrace those compliments

If someone you a compliment gives, embrace this and believe it. They really don’t lie! Why would they? And also try to return compliments, you will notice that the reactions are sometimes heartwarming.

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3. Muffin roll

Every woman has alovehandle‘, also known as ‘muffin roll’ when she bends over. And that bikini body? Put it on & embrace it! I scoured the pool and sauna for the perfect body and found them all beautiful. One is a bit rounder than the other, but it’s the head on it that counts. A happy person is always attractive, especially the mothers who are not complaining about their bikini body. An enormous reality check.

4. Happy in your body

Unhappy with you stretch marks? Think of all the women who would love to trade places with you. Think of them as reminders of your greatest gift.

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5. Self-confidence

Have self confidence! Look at yourself as your close loved ones look at you, then you would be confident enough, You Bet Ya!!

6. Buy yourself flowers

You have no man needed to save yourself, or to be happy! Save yourself first and make sure you’re just having a great time with yourself! That man complements you. And ‘The Right GuyYou are by your side in everything.

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7. Embrace your flaws

You really don’t every part of your body hold. Although of course you should just do that… That one reality check I mainly got the umpteenth compliment from hubby. Not that I believed him until he got angry. okay, okay..why are we women always so insecure! And focus on what you like and ignore those negatives.

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8. Melly

We all wake up with a breath where you say ‘U’ to and which makes your partner unconscious. You’re not alone! You really don’t have to set your alarm an hour earlier to brush your teeth.

9. You are self no. 1

You should see yourself as a top priority! And no, you are not yourself backup plan, last in line, or alternative! Especially when working from home, as a boss I prefer to be against myself and schedule some more breaks.

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10. Power Woman

you are a woman that in itself is very admirable!! F * ck that uncertainty! If that isn’t a Reality check!


The Reality check list could be much longer… free time does people good. The insights came with the days rust, conviviality, reading a lot, sports, love and being surrounded by loved ones who see it better than yourself more often. We will try to keep that holiday feeling for a long time. We look back on a good time and I try to become aware of the above points. One is more difficult for me than the other, but I will do my best. Will you join me…!

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