‘Proudly shows our son the dinosaur sticker on his hearing aid to the teacher’

Michiel and Tiny make cheerful stickers for hearing aids. How about a glitter print, a football picture or a cute elephant? On Tinystickers.nl you will find the best stickers for hearing aids and CIs!

Michiel and Tiny are the parents of a 4 year old son. Their son was born with a hearing impairment. To make the hearing aid that he has been wearing since his first year a little more fun, they decided to put cheerful stickers on it. ‘We made those stickers ourselves with a special machine. At the hearing center we received many positive reactions from other children and parents. Then we started making them for them too.’

From a boring hearing aid to a lot of fun

Most hearing aids are gray, white or black. Also for children. But if you ask them, they sometimes prefer yellow, purple or red. With a picture of unicorns, an astronaut or a nice dog on it. TinyStickers stickers are suitable for all hearing aids. ‘We now have fake hearing aids from all well-known brands in our closet,’ says Michiel. ‘This is how we ensure that the stickers fit on all hearing aids and CIs.’

462 stickers to choose from

‘How do we come up with the designs?’ says Michael. ‘Sometimes a customer asks if we want to make something specific or have a nice sticker that matches a theme. Our 10-year-old daughter often has good ideas. Recently we have holographic stickers, fun for older children. We recently had an 84-year-old Belgian customer. He regularly lost his hearing aid, so he wanted the Belgian flag on it. Then at least he knows which hearing aid is his!’

A beautiful sticker makes you happy

On their website you can read reviews from grateful parents and happy children. ‘Hearing loss can be drastic for children and parents,’ says Michiel. ‘With a nice sticker in your favorite color or with your favorite animal on your CI, you add something cheerful. For our son, his hearing aid is an accessory, not something he has to wear. When he has received a new sticker, he proudly shows his hearing aids to his teacher!’

‘Our dream is to do this full-time. We want to make many children happy with a nice sticker on their hearing aids.’ Do you also want to order a sticker for your child’s hearing aid or yours? View the colorful designs here.

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