Princess Alexia has completed exams in Wales with prom

Princess Alexia has completed her exams at UWC Atlantic College in Wales, the RVD announced today. True to tradition, this is festively concluded with a final party – where her parents were also present! Princess Leonor has also ended her time in Wales, the Spanish royals share.

Exams completed with celebration

Her Royal Highness Princess Alexia of the Netherlands has completed the exams for the International Baccalaureate at the United World College of the Atlantic. The princess will only hear at the beginning of July whether Alexia has passed her exams. However, the flying out of the pupils is also cause for celebration in Wales. “The UWC marks the end of the exam period with the traditional Leavers Celebration,” said the RVD. And that party was today!

Her parents and sister, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and Princess Ariane, also attended the prom. On social media we see photos of Willem-Alexander sitting next to the Spanish royal family and the Royal House itself has also shared a nice snapshot of Alexia and her parents. How nice!

Alexia in Wales

It’s been almost two years since Alexia left for Wales to finish her last two years of high school at UWC Atlantic College. This is because the so-called International Baccalaureate replaces the last two years of pre-university education. It is not yet known what the middle daughter of the royal couple will do after her exams.

Leonor back to Spain

Princess Leonor, one of Alexia’s classmates, can also pack her bags and fly back to Spain. She has also completed her exams and is leaving UWC Atlantic College. On Twitter, the Spanish royal family shared a video of Leonor during the ceremony.


The urge to go abroad apparently runs in the royal blood. Willem-Alexander also went to Wales in the 1980s, and last week it was announced that Princess Ariane will also spread her wings after the summer. The youngest A’tje also leaves for a UWC, but in Italy.

Source: RVD, AD, Twitter, Instagram @koninklijkhuis | Image: NL Image

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