Prince Andrew would “fear his power being cut off” by King Charles

It remains a strange situation around the British Prince Andrew: he has had to hand in a lot of titles and princely prestige, but he remains a royal. For example, at the coronation he appeared in full regalia in the Abbey, but was then not allowed to stand on the balcony with his brother. Various sources now report that Charles would put his brother in front of the block.


Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward: once it was Elizabeth’s four children royal dream team of the Windsors. We are now quite a few years, and quite a few scandals further.

Nowadays, Charles has improved his image after all the marital problems with Diana, but Prince Andrew can’t talk about that. According to various sources, the newly crowned king would also be done spending money on his scandal brother. And HRH does not approach this subtly, among other things The Sun and The Mirror.

Less pocket money

The Duke of York lives ouch moment in a spacious villa with about thirty rooms. This Royal Lodge obviously needs quite a bit of maintenance to stay in top condition, and Andrew couldn’t afford that anymore. Several media reported at the beginning of this year that Charles has considerably reduced the annual subsidy for his younger brother. Well: don’t perform generous tasks and still cash in royally? That doesn’t look good on a modern monarchy.

And that is why Charles would have felt compelled to intervene. Instead of the Royal Lodge, it has been suggested that the Duke of York should move to the former residence of the Sussexes: Frogmore Cottage. Andrew wouldn’t be really keen though…


For example, various sources report that the two royal brothers are at odds with each other. Prince Andrew refuses to leave 30-bedroom villa in new spat with King Charles ‘wanting to give house to William’ The Sun this weekend. The Mirror uses the caption: “Prince Andrew fears King Charles will ‘cut power to force departure’ from 30-bedroom villa”. And The Daily Mail makes it all gooey: “Prince Andrew ‘refuses to budge’ from Royal Lodge and demands a talk with King Charles – and a little respect from his brother”.

For example, a friend of the scandalous prince would have revealed to the latter newspaper: “He is afraid that now that the coronation is over, the teeth will be shown. He worries that the royals might even want to cut off the facilities to get him out of there. But we are talking about people here, not real estate!”

And Fergie?

Although divorced on paper, Andrew and ex-wife Sarah currently live together at the Royal Lodge. After all, with thirty rooms you can easily claim your own area! If the eviction goes ahead and Frogmore Cottage is indeed reserved for the Duke of York, we have our doubts whether Sarah Ferguson will also move with him. With its five rooms, that house is just a bit smaller than the Royal Lodge, and then you have to spend the whole day on your ex’s lips… well.

In any case, the British tabloid newspapers that have reported it so far are not known as the most reliable titles. Whether it is pure sensationalism, or whether there is some truth behind these headlines? We will see that in the coming months!

Source: The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Mirror | Image: NL Image / Newspix

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