Prick&Tick. Dedicated suppliers for local hospitality, events and companies

Prick&Tick. A name you’ve probably already seen appearing on the facade of a liquor store. However, the Prik&Tik stores are not only a drink Valhalla for private individuals, they are also dedicated suppliers for the local catering industry, events and companies.

The number of drink purchase agreements differs per Prik&Tik entrepreneur and ranges from ten to hundreds of agreements. Together they account for 60% of the turnover of all Prik&Tik members or € 300 million in total.

Why do catering entrepreneurs choose Prik&Tik? That has to do with the offer. There is a shift towards diversity within the hospitality sector. Where you used to only see a few different drinks on a terrace, customers now expect an extensive drink menu. There is plenty of choice for this in the Prik&Tik warehouses.

In addition, you can really count on your Prik&Tik beverage partner. Correct agreements, smooth deliveries, advantageous promos and specific advice. It’s all part of the Prick&Tik service. That advice also goes beyond the choice of drinks alone. For example, referring subsidy applications during the corona period also became part of the service.

Of course there are still opportunities for improvement at Prik&Tik. For example, they want to work towards a wider use of B2B ordering platforms between the catering entrepreneur and the beverage trade. These make stocks and promotions immediately visible and ensure more efficiency and transparency. One more reason to start working together!

Let’s drink one to that!

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