Players (read defenders) drop Ruud van Nistelrooij hard and want Fred Rutten to stay

PSV – sc-Heerenveen turned out to be a match that no PSV fan anticipated beforehand. The surprising 3-3 was not coming given the good series after Sevilla.

On the other hand, the match against Fortuna Sittard was already a harbinger that the game looks difficult and that PSV as a team can hardly impose its will on opponents. Still, PSV played a great game against the Frisians if we analyze the game down to 1-1. Ruud van Nistelrooij then saw how André Ramalho managed to make an incomprehensible slipper and thus managed to lead 1-1.

A moment later it was Ramalho and Patrick van Aanholt who abandoned their trainer, to do everything all over again at 1-3. Sangaré, Brantwaihte, Ramalho, Mwene and van Aanholt dropped the trainer hard by hardly intervening and let the Heerenveen cut like a knife through butter.

PSV then left large spaces on the field, but also managed to straighten its back. To top it all off, it came out afterwards that some of the players would have complained to the management about Ruud van Nistelrooij’s working method. The reporting from the Telegraaf is very inflated. However, the group of players has stated in a conversation with the management that a longer stay for Fred Rutten is desirable. In addition, the departure of André Ooijer is regretted. Ooijer will stop after this season for personal reasons, the lecture is, while Rutter has not yet made a decision about his future.

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