Planning a budget-proof day? These trips are fun!

Do you want to plan a nice outing soon, but you don’t have such a big budget? Then of course you can still do something fun. There are many different outings that are fun for a budget-proof day. Are you curious about these activities? Below we discuss all the different budget outings.

Have a picnic

Picnicking is a very nice budget-proof activity that is ideal when the weather is nice. Go with friends, family or colleagues to one of the most beautiful places in the country and have a lovely picnic. Get cheap snacks at the supermarket and enjoy the wonderful sun together. After picnic you can choose to take another walk. Very cosy!

Go cycling

Cycling with a group is very pleasant, and you can also cover long distances by bike. You can also choose to go cycling in the city, so you can explore a large part of a city together with the rest. You can choose to rent bicycles or use your own bicycles. Fortunately, renting bicycles is not expensive either, but using your own bicycles is of course cheaper. It’s just what you want.

Djembe workshop

You may not think of a djembé workshop, but this makes it fun. A djembe workshop is great fun to do together with family, friends and colleagues. A djembe workshop is great fun for young and old. In addition, djembé is a real group activity and this connects you with each other. A djembe workshop is therefore an ideal outing for a team outing. A djembe workshop is available at many different locations. This way you can follow a workshop wherever you go, very handy!

High tea

Are you going out for a day with your girlfriends, but do you want to do this budget-proof? Then high tea is ideal for you. You can choose to go with your girlfriends to a restaurant where a high tea is often arranged, but you can also choose to arrange and make the high tea yourself. How nice is it to do some shopping with your girlfriends and then prepare the high tea together? Have a nice chat and it promises to be a fun day!

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