Paratha: you can do all this with the delicious flatbread

Sometimes there are those products where you taste a bite and know: there is no turning back. That is exactly the case at the Culy editors with the addictively delicious flatbread paratha. And when something is so tasty, we prefer to eat it as often as possible. You can therefore make all this with a paratha.

And luckily: it’s more than you think.

Paratha: you want it every day, so you can do all this with it

It is not for nothing that we already wrote a hymn about the paratha a few years ago, not (yet) knowing how versatile the flatbread actually is. Because our love for this heavenly plate from India (and surrounding countries) has now become obsessive, we also wish you the secrets of the versatility of the paratha.

Aloo paratha

It should be clear: parathas are an integral part of a curry anyway. But what inspired us most is the dish aloo paratha. Aloo means potato and refers to the spicy potato mix that the flatbread is often filled with. Lentils, paneer and vegetables are also often folded through or between the dough. So: if you want to make the paratha yourself from scratch, fill it with potato, using this recipe for aloo paratha.

For dessert

You may initially associate such a flaky paratha with savory, but did you know that it tastes just as good sweet? Pour caramel sauce with some salt flakes over it, or beurre noisette and slivered almonds. Also delicious: hot from the pan with a scoop of ice cream on top.

As breakfast

As far as we are concerned, the day cannot start better than with paratha. That is of course simple, topped with some strawberries, Greek yogurt and mint, but what you can really wake us up for is a copy with an omelette in between. Bake the omelette in the same size and fill your omelette with whatever you fancy.

Paratha lunch wrap
Source: Ogechi Chibueze for Culy

For lunch

Lunch sometimes calls for some variation. For example – probably not surprisingly now – we sometimes also grab the Indian classic during lunch. Especially if we are lazy, since we only have to heat it up in the pan. Culy’s Ogechi came up with a recipe with a fried egg, dill, harissa yoghurt and cucumber. One we won’t say no to.

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Paratha: you want to eat it every day, so you can do all this with it

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