Our experience with Plant B’s vegan meal box

We recently received a large box at the office with a number of ready-made vegan frozen meals from Plant B. We regularly write about meal boxes and we prefer to try them out, in order to experience the differences per meal box ourselves.

Meal boxes are very popular for a reason. I think it’s great that there is an ever-increasing range of healthy ready-to-eat meals in meal boxes. To be honest, unlike Vanessa, I don’t really like cooking. I think it’s more of a ‘must’ than that it offers me relaxation. But even if you don’t like cooking that much, eating healthy is of course a must. I do of course cook, but a meal box like Hello Fresh still costs me quite a bit of time. The meals are fine, the ingredients are often fresh, but I sometimes find the preparation a bit of a problem. Especially on very busy days.

So it won’t surprise you that I’m always very excited when there’s a new provider of ready-made meals in the form of a meal box. Important to me is:

  • Is it fresh and healthy?
  • Which ingredients are included? (with or without many additions as seasonings)
  • What is the preparation method?
  • How long can it be kept?

At Plant B, these questions are immediately clear. I would like to tell you more about this below.

My experience with the Plant B meal box

Plant B stands for the following when it comes to the ready meals they offer:

  • the meals are freshly prepared and delivered frozen
  • it concerns vegan ready-to-eat meals (so plant-based meals)
  • Plant B stands for less food waste and sustainability.

Meal box vegan with ready-made frozen meals

You can order the meals in a meal box, but you could also order them separately. Even if you don’t have a vegan lifestyle, but want to eat vegan more often, this is a great choice. You also don’t have to take out a subscription for the meal boxes, you can arrange everything yourself in an app.

The meals are not very high in calories, by the way. Good to know if you are trying to lose weight. If I’m right, all meals (normal portions) are between 400 and 500 kcal.

We got the meals delivered on time on a Tuesday. And deeply frozen. It also comes in a special box with cooling elements. It has nothing to do with the meals, but compliments to the creators of the logo. The B behind Plant is designed in such a way that it looks like a heart. Beautiful and appropriate!

My husband and I each chose a meal the following evening. You can prepare the frozen meals in the microwave or the oven. Because of the time we opted for a microwave. In the microwave you warm up the meal in about 10 minutes and in the oven it takes 30-35 minutes.

Frozen healthy ready meals.  On photo example of what Plant B's frozen meal looks like.
The frozen meal

Just in the microwave and you really have a quick, healthy vegan meal very easily. Meals that my and I are less likely to cook. It is good to know that many meals are quite spicy. Some of them I found too spicy, but that’s more because I don’t like them anyway. My husband looked at me, what are you talking about? He thought it was delicious and loves these kinds of flavors.

I liked the rata touille the best. A delicious taste, filling and just the right taste for me.

Freeze healthy vegan meals, like this rata-touille.

Every meal is 100% vegan. With other meal boxes it can sometimes be vegetarian, but these meals are completely plant-based.

The ingredients are collected locally as much as possible. Using an advanced shock freezer, the fresh ingredients are frozen to -40°C within 2 minutes. This is how the nutrients, taste and texture are best preserved and that is also our experience. It tastes like you are served a fresh meal in a restaurant. Each meal contains at least 200 grams of vegetables.

You can choose from small (480 grams) and large portions (750 grams). A normal portion (480 grams) was more than enough for me. My husband too. But if you are a big eater, you can opt for a larger portion. Or share the large portion with, for example, a child or someone who wants to eat a small portion.

You can put together the meal boxes yourself, or order a ready-made package. You have a number of meal boxes to choose from:

  • Meal box for a healthy lifestyle
  • Vegan starter box
  • The healthiest meal box for new parents
  • The healthiest meal box for athletes

There are also vegan meals that come back in different meal boxes.

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