Ostend: N-VA will not participate in Tommelein’s city list next year

At the end of November 2018, Open Vld, N-VA, Groen and CD&V presented the new administrative agreement ‘Allemaal Oostendenaar’ in Ostend. Before that, a purple coalition was in power.

Remarkable: only three of the four current coalition partners in Ostend will move together to the Ostend voter in 2024. It concerns the Open VLD of current mayor Bart Tommelein, CD&V and Groen van Wouter Devriendt. According to Mediahuis, the fourth coalition partner, N-VA, will present its own list to the electorate. “Our own choice,” says N-VA leader Björn Anseeuw.

“Joining forces, I think that’s a positive thing,” says De Vriendt to DPG. “Politicians benefit from more cooperation and less quarreling.” Tommelein agrees: “It is an important signal that three governing parties want to continue together.”

The Belgian provincial, municipal and district council elections of 2024 will only take place on Sunday 13 October 2024, after the federal one.

De Morgen: “The new Flemish municipal decree stipulates that the list that receives the most votes will from now on be given the initiative to form a coalition for two weeks. Within this coalition, the vote champion of the largest list will automatically receive the sash. This semi-direct election of the mayor should give the voter more power.”

The three current governing parties will in principle convene their members on Saturday to discuss the new ‘city project’.

photo: Debackercharlotte – Own work – Wikipedia

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