Organizing a maternity party, 10 tips for an original maternity party

Giving a maternity party is becoming increasingly popular, more and more parents are choosing to hold a party to celebrate the birth of their child. Organizing a maternity party can be done in a big way, but you can also keep it small, it just depends on what you like.

Actually, it’s not that strange at all such a maternity party, after all you always celebrate yourself and your children’s birthday. Then why not celebrate the birth? And a maternity party fits perfectly in the row of a gender reveal party and the baby shower.

In addition, it has many advantages to do this by giving a maternity party, instead of having everyone come by independently.

10 tips for organizing an original maternity party

Below you can read useful tips on how to organize a successful maternity party.

Organizing a maternity party, why would you?

A maternity party has many advantages. One of them I already gave away above, but I will repeat it again for you. It is the biggest advantage of organizing a maternity party if you ask me.

By giving a maternity party you are ready in one go and you don’t have all short visits immediately after giving birth. You can choose a date yourself, for example a few months after giving birth so that you are a bit like your old self by now. That way you can also enjoy all the attention much more.

But of course you can also just do it a month after giving birth. It’s just how you feel. The longer you postpone giving your maternity party, the greater the chance that people will also want to come by in advance. So don’t wait too long.

Make sure you prepare well for your maternity party

Organizing a maternity party does require some preparation, so start on time. In fact, you can start taking it during your pregnancy, of course.

After giving birth you are often very busy with your newborn and to also organize a maternity party may be a bit too much. So arrange what you can in advance (without setting an exact date, you can also do that after birth),

Tip: make a small script and record everything properly, that will make a difference when the little one arrives later.

By starting on time and thinking about a location, food, who you want to invite, theme and a possible date, you can prevent a lot of stress.

Are you organizing a large maternity party and do you want to record a location for it? It is smart to record the date before birth. Then you can also have the date of your maternity party printed on the birth announcement, which ultimately saves money and time.

And you prevent visitors from dropping by before you have been able to let them know that you are going to organize a maternity party.

Make a gift list when organizing your maternity party

It is also smart to make a gift list for your maternity gifts if you are going to organize a maternity party, for example you can do this online and share it with all invitees. This way you avoid getting double maternity gifts and you can also ask what you would like and what you still need.

If you prefer not to ask for gifts, let the guests make a donation to a good cause. Or make a donation for one charity, for example Unicef, and pass on the account number so that everyone can donate a nice amount.

Are you going to organize a maternity party? Finally, you will find a number of useful tips below:

  1. If you want to have a maternity party on location, arrange this well in advance.
  2. Don’t be afraid to enlist help. For example, ask your family or friends to bring food or have the catering done by a company. It is also nice when the maternity party is nicely decorated and you can also ask for help here, after all, many hands make light work!
  3. A theme can be fun for a maternity party, for example something with colors, animals or flowers. You can also link a dress code to the theme.
  4. Make sure photos are taken of the baby shower. You could also consider putting down a number of Polaroid cameras, so that the guests can take their own photos and paste them on a photo wall, for example.
  5. Come up with fun activities for your guests, for example come up with funny games or prepare a guest book or fill-in book where the guests can write their wishes for the baby. This way you also have a nice memory for later.
  6. Also make sure that the baby and yourself have enough rest, for example, create a quiet corner.
  7. It is useful if you also note an end time on the invitation, so that the guests know when it is time to go and you prevent awkward situations.
  8. Make a thank you gift for your guests, for example a luxury bag or box containing sweets and a personal card.

Organizing a successful maternity party is really not complicated, it is especially important to have a good preparation and to pay attention to a number of points.

In addition, don’t forget to enjoy your maternity party and make beautiful memories, that’s what you’re doing it for after all!

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