Nijland advocates FC Groningen position Robben: ‘Wouldn’t be anything better’

Hans Nijland would like to see Arjen Robben return to a position at FC Groningen soon. If it is up to the former director, the Pride of the North try to capture the former player as soon as possible. Nijland himself has already tried to bring Robben back to Groningen.

Robben keeps the boat off

“What could be better, it is a child of the club,” says Nijland at the ESPN program Good morning Premier League. “He always kept in touch with the club, and I regularly visited him in Munich myself. I have also made several attempts to involve him in the club, but he has to want that himself. At the moment I understand that he chooses to operate a little more in the shadows.”

A choice that, according to Nijland, is understandable. “I have to tell you honestly: after the career he has had, I understand that too. To say: Robben would save the club, that goes too far. It would be wonderful, and a very important step forward. That is why it is so important that people like Henk Veldmate and Dick Lukkien return. And I hope that Marcel Groningen (assistant national coach of the Dutch Juniors) will be added to that soon.”

Will FC Groningen beat Vitesse?


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Should Groningen approach Robben for a position?

  • Yes, that would be a good move

  • No, the club can’t help them either

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