New movie with Ben Affleck ‘Hypnotic’ is getting remarkable reviews

Where goes Hypnotic about?

Hypnotic is a crime thriller starring Ben Affleck. He plays a detective Danny Rourke, whose seven-year-old daughter has gone missing. His missing daughter’s case is still unsolved and he thinks his baby daughter Minnie is still alive. Rourke goes back to work anyway. He and his partner are working on solving a number of bank robberies. During this investigation he sees similarities with the kidnapping of his daughter.

In the safe of one of the banks that was robbed, he finds a photo of his daughter with the following text: “Find Dell Rayne”. This leads to an obsessive hunt for this person. One day he has found him and the pursuit leads him to the roof of a building. Through a kind of ‘mind control’, Dell Rayne ensures that Rourke’s colleagues do not point their guns at him, but at Rourke. After this, he jumps off the roof and disappears. Rourke then wants to do everything he can to get Dell Rayne in his hands and to find his daughter again.

Watch the trailer below:

What are the reactions/scores of the Hypnotic with Ben Affleck?

The story sounds pretty cool when you read it like that, but the film still gets very bad reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes the film gets a Tomatometer score of 37%. So that is disgusting.

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