New miniseries about Anne Frank scores 100% (RT) and 8.0 (IMDb)

A Small Light is a miniseries about Anne Frank

A new National Geographic Disney+ series has been released based on the story of a couple who played an important role in Anne Frank’s life. The attic where Anne Frank and her family were hiding was located at the top of the office building of the Dutch couple Miep and Jan Gies. The miniseries consists of ten episodes and tells the story of Anne Frank from a different perspective.

This is what the synopsis says: “Based on a true story, A Small Light follows Miep Gies, a young, carefree secretrary who hid Otto Frank and his family from the Nazis in WWII. For nearly two years, Miep and her husband Jan protected the Franks and others while she held down a day job, kept her marriage intact and shouldered more responsibility than anyone could imagine. While millions are familiar with Anne Frank’s diary and her family’s life in the Secret Annex, A Small Light is the lesser-known story of how an ordinary secretary showed extraordinary courage during one of the darkest moments in history.”

new series Anne Frank Rotten Tomatoes

The new series has a very high score on Rotten Tomatoes

The Tomatometer of this series is already at a percentage of 100 percent and an Audience Score of 89 percent, even though the series has only been shown since May 1, 2023. We can already tell you: you rarely see these scores! Only positive comments are left about the series. “Finally a series about Miep Gies’s story! She really deserves it! Thanks for making this!” “Miep Gies is a true hero. Miep cannot be praised and thanked enough for all she did during WW2. Thank you telling her story” “This Looks AMAZING!! Really such a remarkable, good woman. Her actions of Compassion, Courage and Kindness continues to ripple around our planet to this day. Great cast and production! Can’t wait to watch this”, told three YouTube users. In short, this series seems to be more than worth watching,

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