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Every year younger…. That doesn’t sound very realistic, but writer and professor Reginald Deschepper still sees opportunities. This resulted in a book in which he teaches us how you can use your lifestyle in a scientifically sound way to slow down aging and improve your health.

So it’s not someone who just finds something. As a scientist, Deschepper bases himself on proven and safe anti-aging techniques. He even teaches you to distinguish between science and quackery.

Curious? I was allowed to read the book Every year younger, from publisher Lannoo. Let me tell you what to expect from this book and whether or not I recommend it.

Book review Every year younger

The nice thing about this book is that I really read new things. I’ve read quite a few books on this theme, so that’s not new. This book has a clearly different approach and I read about completely different insights from new research. For example about biohacks, tools with which you can make yourself healthier. Such as a vibrating plate that sets cells in motion in such a way that it looks like you’ve been exercising a lot. All tips and hacks are based on scientific research.

There are also a few typical American tips. It is about life extension, but it also contains a text that you should watch out for life shortening. For example, due to a traffic accident, or by bringing a firearm into your home (…). Well.

The first part of the book is informative in nature. Fun and interesting to read, but really for people who want to know more about research and the human body. This includes autophagy (cleaning of cells), hormesis (something is harmful in a high dose, but good for you in a low dose, such as certain forms of stress or physical training). However, the explanation is clear and you learn a lot about the impressive functioning of our body.

Tips and tricks for rejuvenation and a healthy life

The second part of the book is therefore more practical in nature. When I list what the tips are, they seem like open doors. Like thinking about your nutrition and moving more.

However, reading this book will give you very specific examples and insights into why something is so important. For example, exercise not only has physical effects, it is also good for your brain and helps against cell aging. That is where the tip comes from to walk daily. People over 65 are advised to take between 6,000 and 8,000 steps per day. If you are younger, you go for 8000-10,000 steps per day. Hiit training and a good VO2max are also discussed (see our article about Improving your fitness quickly). And the squat, which we recently wrote about, is recommended as a good exercise for your health.

Scientific insights that help against aging

Nutrition, supplements, oxygen, cryotherapy

What I find interesting is that there are numerous therapies and cures mentioned in this book, including clear explanations, that help with rejuvenation. Scientific research remains the guiding principle. If you want to do everything, I think it will be mostly stress-increasing, so I don’t recommend that. However, this book can help to identify those tools that may be of interest to you.

One thing I’ve learned a lot lately is that every body is different and reacts differently to something. Although basically human biology may seem the same for everyone. There are magical things involved, as is evident from the placebo effect, for example. But genes also play a role. That is why I will never recommend doing literally everything that is recommended in these types of books. However, you can get out of it what makes you feel good and what you believe in. That helps a lot!

Who is Reginald Deschepper?

Professor Dr Em. Reginald Deschepper is a medical anthropologist and involved in the founding of LifeMe. This Flemish association wants to use a lifestyle in a scientifically responsible way to prevent, treat and – if possible – stop chronic diseases. Reginald Deschepper is also the author of the book Your Lifestyle as Medicine.

Who is the book for Younger every year interesting?
This book is very suitable as pleasantly readable study material for people who are serious about improving their health and want to do and know more than eating healthier and exercising more.

I think it is an interesting book and will certainly be able to use it as a reference for a number of themes that we regularly write about.

Practical information

Title: Younger every year
Subtitle: The science of rejuvenation or how to outsmart time
Author: Reginald Deschepper

Lannoo Publishers
ISBN: 9789401484473
Number of pages: 237

Price: 24.99
Can be ordered at the bookstore or

Can we become older or even immortal?

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