Netflix viewers wild about new Spanish series: “You must see this!”

El Silencio leaves a good impression on the viewers

The Spanish series El Silencio has only been online for a few days and is rated extremely well by viewers. It’s about a boy named Sergio Ciscar who spent six years in prison for killing his parents by pushing them off the balcony. Since the incident, the boy has not said a word, so it is still a mystery why he took his parents’ life. Ana Dussel is a psychiatrist and is called in to find out what his motive was to make sure he is not a threat to society.

Positive quotes on Twitter about the Spanish series

Viewers are very impressed, especially by the work of actor Arón Piper (known from the Spanish series Élite). Below we selected a number of Tweets:

You can also read on the website that many viewers cannot get enough of the series. “I just finished! Very unpredictable ending… Good script.” “Just started!!!!! Epic start already!”, two viewers respond.

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