Nautilus, the most iconic loudspeaker in the world, turns 30.

To celebrate this milestone, Bowers & Wilkins has created a unique version of this ultra-high-end loudspeaker in its finest form, finished in a beautiful Abalone Pearl lacquer that appropriately reflects this special anniversary.

Finished in Pearl lacquer, this unique pair of speakers stars in a new Bowers & Wilkins film about the origin story of Nautilus, the craftsmanship and passion that goes into making each pair, and the extraordinary impact this design has had on the audio world.

Nautilus is and remains a unique combination of unbridled ambition and revolutionary design: the result of true thinking outside the box and the perfect summary of the philosophy of the Bowers & Wilkins brand.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this iconic loudspeaker, Bowers & Wilkins has created a unique pair of Nautilus loudspeakers with a striking Abalone Pearl finish. Pearl, mother of pearl in Dutch, is the perfect color for a 30th anniversary and it is the color of the inside of the shell of the mollusk that inspired the name Nautilus.

Now, 30 years after its introduction, Nautilus is still the most visually appealing loudspeaker on the market. This demonstrates once again the extraordinary and pioneering vision of founder John Bowers, who initiated the Nautilus project shortly before his death, and of Laurence Dickie, the chief engineer who turned this idea into reality.
The basic idea for Nautilus was simple in itself, but also a huge challenge: “Make a speaker that doesn’t sound like a speaker”. There were no time constraints on the implementation of this very broad description of what was to be done and virtually no restrictions as to its practicality or cost. And this led to a radical five-year project exploring how many of the negative effects of the loudspeaker enclosure could be avoided through innovative design. The result of this process was Nautilus, a technological revolution in loudspeakers that introduced the concept of the exponentially tapered tube for loudspeakers. This Nautilus tube, which would eventually win a Queen’s Award for Innovation, was just one of many innovations developed for the Nautilus project that influenced all of Bowers & Wilkins’ subsequent product designs. Alongside the equally remarkable 801, the favorite of music industry professionals worldwide, Nautilus has been instrumental in helping Bowers & Wilkins become the leading global audio brand it is today.

Now, 30 years later, Nautilus is still built by hand in the same labour-intensive way. This is remarkable considering that it is Bowers & Wilkins that has taken the production of high-quality loudspeakers to new standards of automated precision. Building one speaker enclosure alone takes more than a week. And then nothing has been sanded, painted or polished. It is therefore not surprising that demand for the Nautilus has always exceeded supply during these 30 years: the waiting list for a new model is currently two years.

There is still no other product in the audio industry that can match sound or appearance with Nautilus, undiminished iconic for radical thinking and revolutionary design. The Abalone Pearl finish of the 30th Anniversary pair is a beautiful tribute to one of the most legendary loudspeakers of all time.

Dave Sheen, Brand President of Bowers & Wilkins, said of this 30th anniversary:
“Across all elements of our product range, Bowers & Wilkins remains committed to developing the future of high-quality audio, but Nautilus remains of paramount importance to all of us. In this loudspeaker, we clearly convey everything that is exceptional about Bowers & Wilkins and our approach to making the world’s best-sounding and most beautifully designed audio products, without compromise.” In Beyond The Curve, Bowers & Wilkins explores the history of the icon and gives its listeners a glimpse into the artist’s recording studio.

Nautilus is available in three standard colors: Midnight Blue Metallic, Silver and Black. Bowers & Wilkins also offers a custom finish where the color of the product can be matched to any reference chosen by the customer at an additional cost.

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