NACON Unveils New Official Xbox Controller

During Bigben Week 2023, NACON announced the release of a new, official Xbox controller. The EVOL-X builds on the expertise the company gained with the Revolution X (the official premium controller that appeared at the end of 2021) and offers gamers everything they want from a controller, for a competitive price.

This Microsoft-certified controller is the latest essential accessory for all Xbox gamers. This easy-to-use and durable controller is ideal for players who demand high performance, comfort and value for money.

Features of the EVOL-X:

  • Four vibration motors (two in the triggers and two in the handles) so players feel all the sensations of the game in their hands
  • Detachable 3-meter USB cable for playing at a comfortable distance from the screen
  • A reinforced 3.5mm audio jack for optimal durability
  • Textured surface for optimal grip and comfort during long gaming sessions
  • Larger action buttons for extra user comfort
  • Concave sticks to give thumbs more grip

This controller will be available in six colors (white, black, silver, transparent with LEDs, metallic blue, metallic red), so that every gamer can choose a model in his or her style.

The NACON EVOL-X controller will be released in September 2023 with a suggested retail price of €34.99 for the white and black versions.

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