‘my mother-in-law pierces our condoms’

In the Bizarre Confession section, a reader of NSMBL makes a confession. We also try to figure out life and this does not go without a struggle. Being a young adult? That is sometimes quite difficult. After all, we are all human and each person experiences different crazy and special things. In love with the wrong person? Embarrassing moment on a date? In Bizarre Confession you read stories that are sometimes recognizable, or not at all.

This week Zoë* talks about her situation.

Pregnant again 4 months after giving birth

“4 months ago me and my boyfriend had a beautiful daughter. We can’t believe our happiness anymore: she is a very sweet baby and very easy with newborns, if I may believe women around me. So we are really on a pink cloud, but recently found out that I am pregnant again. And while this baby is also more than welcome, we were very careful because I didn’t want to get pregnant again so soon after my first pregnancy.”

“We did not use hormonal contraceptives, but we always used a condom and lubricant during sex. No condom has ever broken, so we really wonder how this could have happened. I had very honest conversations with my boyfriend and we both agreed to wait a while before having a second child.”

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“Now I feel like someone damaged our condoms. I suspect my mother-in-law myself, because she is the only one who is in our house for a longer period of time besides me and my friend. Since my daughter was born, she regularly visits to watch the baby for a few hours, so that I can get some extra sleep. This means that she is sometimes unattended at our house for 1 to 3 hours.”

“I now have a strong feeling that my mother-in-law is poking holes in our condoms. She regularly lets me know how much she would like more grandchildren, but I have already indicated several times that this will not happen in the near future. She also knows that I don’t use hormonal contraception, because I’ve complained to her several times that I can’t handle it so badly. Now I don’t know if I’m just paranoid or if I’m right and my mother-in-law is actually doing this, but I definitely don’t have a good feeling about it.”

*Zoë’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.

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Zoë (34): “I think my mother-in-law is making holes in my and my friend’s condoms”

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