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In this review we are going to talk about the Polar Vantage M2, a sports watch that is loved by multisporters and endurance athletes, and of course also by triathletes. This watch is not only affordable, but is also packed with useful functions. For example, it can track more than 130 sports, keeps track of your energy level and shows your smartphone notifications. But is it really as good as it sounds? We tested the watch and tell you everything you need to know. We also look at current prices and offers. So read on for our extensive review of the Polar Vantage M2.

About the Polar Vantage M2

The Polar Vantage M2 is a multi-sport watch with its own GPS and powerful battery. It is a very popular watch among multi-athletes, endurance athletes and, of course, triathletes. The watch is reasonably priced and is packed with features that you as a triathlete will certainly appreciate. For example, the watch has support for more than 130 sports, it keeps track of your energy level via the Polar FuelWise technology and transfers smartphone notifications to the watch screen. At the end of the week you will receive a weekly overview on the screen and in the Polar Flow app with your data from the past week.

Vantage M2 offer and compare prices

The watch is regularly on offer. Below you can see the best prices at the moment. If you click on the view button, you immediately read more information about the watch. The prices of the Vantage M2 price comparator are retrieved daily and put in order from low to high! Under the price comparison we provide even more information about the watch.

Polar Vantage M2 as a triathlon watch?

We have been able to test this watch twice at our editorial office. In 2022, we voted the M2 as the best entry-level triathlon watch in our list of the best watches for triathlon. The M2 is often on sale, so it shouldn’t surprise us that it’s going to be number one in our list of cheap watches for triathletes this year. The watch is suitable as a triathlon watch for the following reasons:

  • Light in weight (45.5 grams)
  • Long battery life in GPS mode
  • Own GPS
  • Measure heart rate underwater (swimming pool)
  • Sport profiles for swimming, cycling and running
  • Built-in running plans
  • Advanced sleep statistics
  • Weekly report
  • .. and much more

Tip: You get the most out of the Vantage M2 when you use it with the Polar H10 chest strap! You can do this one here buy cheaply.


Where other watches in the same price range struggle to track swimming, the M2 does it effortlessly. This watch even measures heart rate underwater! In addition, the Vantage M2 also measures swimming style, distance, pace, rest times and number of strokes in the pool. In open water, the Vantage M2 does not measure the heart rate and only recognizes the freestyle as a swimming style. Furthermore, the M2 tracks the distance, route and other fun data during open water swimming.


You connect the watch to most speed, cadence and power sensors for cycling. Please note that ANT+ is missing on the watch, so you often use Bluetooth to connect to external sensors. It also measures the route in GPS mode and transfers it to apps such as Strava and TrainingPeaks (if you have made the connection between Polar Flow and the external app yourself).

To run

While running, the watch measures the running power, without the need for pods. Also, it simply measures heart rate and GPS route. You can see this in the Polar Flow app after running. Polar Flow and Strava work well together.

Watch in a video

Below you can see a video with the Polar Vantage M2 in it. In this English video (automatically generated subtitles available) you can see more about the watch, a number of functions are mentioned and you see the watch during exercise. You get a good picture of the screen and how to operate the M2.

Benefits and highlights

  • Up to 40 hours of battery in GPS mode
  • Sleep & recovery tracking
  • High quality screen
  • Reliable measurement during activities
  • Price/quality is fine

Downsides and downsides

  • No contactless payment function
  • ANT+ is missing

Polar Vantage 2 review: final conclusion

After testing the Polar Vantage M2, we can say that this watch is highly recommended for triathletes and other athletes. The watch is light, has a long battery life and can even measure your heart rate under water. In addition, it has special sports profiles for swimming, cycling and running, and you get a handy overview of all your sports activities every week.

But the watch is not perfect. It doesn’t have an ANT+ connection, so you’ll need to use bluetooth to connect it to other devices. And while the watch can measure your heart rate while swimming in a pool, it won’t work in open water.

Still, we think the Polar Vantage M2 is a top watch, especially for the price. It has many useful features and is often on sale. So if you’re looking for a good watch for your triathlon training, the Polar Vantage M2 is definitely worth considering.

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