Mountain hiking for beginners: 10 tips

Mountain hiking brings you close to nature. You can experience a freedom in the mountains that you will not experience anywhere else. It brings you into it heart of the beautiful mountain ranges and offers a challenging experience to grow both physically and mentally.

As a novice mountain hiker you have to pay attention to a number of things to prevent accidents. Mountain hiking can be a tough activity that is quickly underestimated.

Mountain hiking for beginners: 10 tips

Here are 10 tips to help you take your first steps in the mountains.

1. Wear the right equipment

Make sure you have the right equipment before you go. Good walking shoes with grip, clothing suitable for the weather, a backpack with plenty of water and food are essential. Also consider bringing trekking poles and sunglasses. A hat against the sun is not superfluous, you burn quickly in the mountains.

2. Plan your route carefully

Before you leave, you should carefully plan your route. This way you will not unexpectedly end up in dangerous places. Look at Cards and guides to determine which trails are suitable for beginners. These can often be obtained locally at your accommodation or else at a tourist information point.

3. Bring a map and a compass

Although Google Maps and others GPS systems are useful, it is always wise to carry a map and a compass. Especially if you plan to explore remote areas, because there is often no coverage there. Make sure you know how to use them before you go.

4. Exercise before your walk

Mountain hiking can be physically challenging, especially if you’re not used to hiking in the mountains. Especially if you descend a bit, it may seem simple. But then you have to go up again and that’s a different story. Train in advance about you condition improve and strengthen your muscles. Start with walks on flat terrain and build up gradually.

5. Don’t go out alone

It is always wise to go out with a walking partner. Even if you are an experienced walker are. If you do go alone, let others know which route you are taking and when you are expected back.

6. Know your limits

Be realistic about your own skills and experience. Start with walks that are suitable for beginners and gradually build up. If you don’t feel well, turn around and go back. Always remember that you often have to go all the way back.

7. Stay on the trails

Mountains can be dangerous if you stray from the trails. It sounds obvious, but stones can be loose and you can easily go through your ankles. Stay on marked trails and avoid steep slopes and loose rocks. Don’t go as a beginner off trail without the proper experience and equipment.

8. Be mindful of the weather

The weather can change quickly in the mountains and the thunderstorms can be intense. Make sure you know the weather forecast before you go and adjust your route and equipment to the conditions.

9. Respect nature

Mountain hiking brings you closer to nature, but it is important to respect that nature. It’s tempting to get off the trails wander, but try not to do this to protect the plants and animals. Also take your rubbish back with you, there are no rubbish bins in the mountains.

10. Enjoy the view

Don’t forget to look back regularly to enjoy the view. Drink some water while you look around and take in the mountains. Wash your hands at a waterfall and take time to ground yourself.

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Mountain hiking for beginners: 10 tips

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