Monica Geuze has not completely removed silicone “Too insecure without”

Monica Geuze has again spoken candidly about her breast reduction. She wants to set things straight with people to have given the impression that she had her silicone removed completely.

Monica Geuze silicone

That turns out not to be the case. Monica explains the situation at Geuze & Gorgels: “It now indeed seems as if I have gone all natural. I wish I could, but I couldn’t.” Monica says she couldn’t handle having the stuff removed completely. She says about a completely silicone-free breast reduction: “I’m still too unsure about that. I would find it hard to go through life with little or no bust again.”

Not deleted

Monica about the procedure: “I also believe that two plastic guns in your body will never be healthier than if you don’t do it. I would prefer to take it out, but then I just know that I will be mortally insecure about my body again.”


The presenter says that she used to be super insecure in bed during the act and “actually didn’t dare to take off her bra”. “I waited so long as a teenager to finally get breasts and it never came. When I see a woman with small breasts, I think: how beautiful. I can really enjoy that.”

Below the latest images of Monica:


via RTL Boulevard, IG

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