Monica Geuze drives a very fat car

Monica Geuze’s car

Many men are jealous of Monica Geuze’s car because she is the proud owner of a Range Rover Velar. She has owned this car for about two years now. The SUV is described by car enthusiasts as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, because there is a surprising amount of power hidden behind the hood. This car therefore has a huge price tag of 79,525 euros. Depending on the model, you then have between 207 and 410 hp.

Monica has had this car since 2020, below you can see the ‘unboxing’:

Not just fun

Monica has not only enjoyed her vehicle because the SUV became the target of burglars. In one year, she was burgled no less than three times. Geuze regularly showed her frustration about this: ‘Thanks to the two bums who cleaned up my car at 3 a.m. last night’, she wrote pissed off about the third burglary. ‘It’s nice to make mama proud on a Saturday night.’ In April and September 2021 it was also hit. “What sad people you have on this planet,” she wrote as a caption with a photo of a smashed rear window of her car.

Knowing more?

Would you like to learn more about Monica Geuze? Then check out these holiday photos. Monica’s relationship with Robbert Kroese has also recently ended, you can look inside his apartment here.

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