Million British people give up broadband, ‘too expensive’

One million households in England will have canceled their broadband internet subscription by 2022. The cost item weighs too heavily on their budget.

This is according to a survey by Citizens Advice, an information service of the English government.

Even if part of this group gets a discount on their subscription, they still cannot afford internet. The cost of living has risen faster due to inflation.

Figures from regulator Ofcom show that 95 percent of the 4.3 million households that qualify do not do this. They each drop two hundred pounds a year. Added up, that is 950 million euros for which there is a pot, but to which no claim is made.

People on welfare are six times more likely to end up in this offline group.

Citizens Advice calls on the regulator to remind telecom providers of their social responsibility.

England has just under thirty million households.

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