Men secretly hope that women know these 4 things

The male gender is very different from the female gender. We often do not understand each other and that sometimes causes problems. For example, men often do not understand what our intentions are and they often joke about it. The same thing often happens the other way around. We women also regularly do not understand the comments and actions of a man. That’s why men secretly hope that women know these 4 things.

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Men hope women know these 4 things

So men often do things that we really don’t understand at all! Men are not the worst and therefore like to give us a kind of cheat sheet. In this way, they hope that women will understand the following things. Then at least some problems are solved, right?

1. Men also find romance essential

It probably differs per man, but every man finds romance important. That means that as a woman you can always expect that a man will pull out all the stops for you happy to make. So you should be happy with every small gesture or gift.

2. Men prefer to be honest

Admittedly, we do have a hand in it foliage to throw it in front of the bus by asking a sensitive question. Questions like: ‘Am I fat in this dress?’ or “Do you think I’ve gained weight?” we often say, but actually that is not fair. It is therefore very easy for a man to answer with a lie. Yet they want us to know that they really don’t do this! They are always honestly.

3. Men like to keep free

Being covered is simply a big problem among men. They want the exact opposite and ask for enough freedom. They hope that we give them this enough, so that afterwards they realize even more how happy they are with us!

4. Men prefer to be solution-oriented

As a woman, we can always lose our egg with the male sex. They just prefer not only to listen, but also to take action. So you don’t have to count on a half listening ear from a man. They are simply ready to help you with any problems you may have.

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