Memphis Depay buys unique Virgil Abloh Maybach! (Image)

Memphis Depay likes to share his luxurious life and purchases on social media. From watches to very expensive cars. This time he makes a huge investment for his new toy, a fat Maybach from Virgil Abloh.

Expensive cars

He makes it clear that the footballer is a car enthusiast. He regularly shares his gigantic collections on social media. Memphis Depay already owns a dark red Mercedes-Maybach S 650. This model is also very limited and only 300 pieces. Previously he owned black Rolls Royce Cullinan, Mansory Rolls-Royce Wraith and a Mansory Mercedes G 63 AMG. The footballer has now managed to get hold of a new gem and not just one.

Mercedes Maybach

This is the limited Mercedes-Maybach S-class designed by Virgil Abloh. Depay has one of the 150 copies. This was the designer’s last project. The car could still be completed just before his death in 2021.


The footballer cannot resist taking snapshots of the car right away. “Investment”, writes as caption. That’s for sure. It comes with a huge price tag. The exclusive model costs around €500,000. A standard model costs €300,000.

The car has a number of custom features. The specimen has two shades. The wheels and the bottom are sand colored. The top fades to black.

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Source:, Pureluxe

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