McIntosh comes with ML1 MKII retro speaker

Like its predecessor, the McIntosh ML1 MkII is made from solid American walnut wood with a satin veneer finish. The loudspeaker is a four-way variant with five drivers and a maximum power capacity of 600 watts.

The woofer, which has a polypropylene cone with a diameter of twelve inches, has its own sealed compartment in the cabinet. The low mids are accounted for by two drivers with a diameter of four inches. The high mids are reproduced by a single two inch driver and the top of the frequency range is reproduced by a 3/4 inch titanium dome tweeter.

The McIntosh ML1 MkII comes with a matching stand, including spikes and feet for flexible placement. The new speaker with a retro look has a suggested retail price of 8,000 euros each and changes hands for 8,000 euros each. The first deliveries should take place in July of this year.

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