May 2023 Sim Only Offers: With Free Gifts

Sim-only offers come in many shapes and sizes. The nice thing is that you can sometimes save quite a lot of money by not just renewing with your current provider. Sometimes you even get a device or a gift for free. DroidApp lists the deals.

Best SIM only deals this month

Every month DroidApp lists where you can find the best SIM-only offers. Because many providers are stunting on the various networks, but a search for the best deal can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately, we can help you with this. DroidApp independently lists where you can find the best offers in May.

Samsung Galaxy A14 internet

The Galaxy A14


With Mobile you can benefit from a free gift when you take out a SIM-only subscription. Depending on which provider you choose, you will receive a free Chromecast or 50 euro accessory credit (Ben, BudgetMobiel, Hollandsnieuwe, Lebara, Tele2 and 50+ Mobiel). If you opt for a SIM-only subscription with T-Mobile, KPN or Vodafone, you will receive 100 euros in accessory credit or a free JBL Tune 770 headset. To do this, use the promotional codes JBLTUNE, ACC100, GOOGLE or ACC50 on this page during the ordering process. It applies to both 1- and 2-year subscriptions.


In the month of May you can take advantage of great offers at Ben. Especially the bundle with 15,000 MB of data is very attractively priced. For only a tenner per month you have this bundle, which also gives you 200 minutes per month. You also save 20 euros on the connection costs.


At Simpel you can take advantage of the Once Andermaal deals. Here you have 14GB of data with unlimited calls and 500 text messages for an amount of 10.00 euros per month. Here, too, you do not pay any connection costs and, just like with the other providers, you can also use your bundle abroad.

Other offers

There are even more SIM-only offers in May. For example, at Hollandsnieuwe you get a 50 percent discount on your bundle for the first six months and you get twice as much in your bundle as you have Ziggo at home. With KPN you can share data with others at the same address, so that not all members of the family have an (expensive) subscription with a lot of data.

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