Manage your telephony better with Aurora teleQ

Reduce the pressure within the practice with Aurora teleQ.

The pressure on care and on practices is increasing. Good staff is increasingly difficult to find and if you can find them at all, the question is whether there is room for that extra assistant. For example, the NOS wrote at the beginning of 2022: “Three quarters of GPs cannot find or expand practice space.”. Extra hands are often the first solution one can think of to combat the workload, but there are very good alternatives. One of these is the Aurora teleQ telephone management system.

Control over your entire telephony traffic

Aurora teleQ is not a telephony system, but a program that you link to your telephony solution. It gives you detailed control over your telephony traffic. It is a unique call handling and call back solution, where the patient is called back at an agreed time. To give you a quick idea, with Aurora teleQ:

  • Your patients will never experience long waiting times and queues again.
  • Will the ringing telephones and the stress that this causes disappear?
  • Better plan the daily occupation and spread your peak times over the day.

Determine your daily schedule yourself

About 50% of all daily calls to GP practices and care centers come in before 10 am. It is then often a traffic jam in the queue on the phone. What teleQ does is filter out the calls that are relevant at that moment. For example, someone who calls for a result or the doctor’s consultation hours will have the option to schedule a callback request. They can do this at the time slots you have suggested later in the day. The assistants can follow up on callback requests later in the day as scheduled.

By scheduling calls with teleQ, you take full control of your own working day. Employees can take a break together in the knowledge that the patient who calls will still be answered properly.

Anyone can quickly cancel an appointment

Someone who calls to cancel an appointment often has less patience to stand in the queue, resulting in people hanging up and not communicating the cancellation. With teleQ, people get the option to cancel their appointment immediately via a voicemail. The assistant sees this cancellation appear within the teleQ screen. At a quieter time, the canceled appointments can be removed from the agenda.

An assistant can even work from home

You work in teleQ via a Microsoft or Chrome browser. The teleQ interface is very clear and very user-friendly. It takes employees little time to make it their own. A part-time employee can work from home during peak times. The assistant logs into the telephone system via a laptop or a fixed device and works via teleQ as if she were at the practice.

Let us advise you on Aurora teleQ

What we tell you in this article is just a small selection of the benefits of teleQ. Are you curious about what teleQ can do for your organization? Please contact LanTel BV. They can tell you all about it and will come and give a demonstration at your location. Then you can immediately see how it works and whether it has added value for your practice.


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