Make your own bracelets from a plastic bottle? That’s how you do it!

Creativity is in a small corner! If you want to make your own jewelry and specific bracelets yourself (or of course as a surprise for you/a friend), that’s a piece of cake when the bottle of coke is finished!

Making a bracelet from a simple coke bottle is easier than you thought! We explain how!

Crafts with plastic bottles

With the help of jewelry, you can influence your appearance and show your character more. This is of course perfectly possible with homemade jewelry, but they are often difficult to make!

Well, we have good news! You can give your old cola bottles (without deposit possibility) a second life by turning them into beautiful, self-made jewelry.

There are quite a few advantages to making your own bracelets from plastic bottles:

  • Durable: you reuse an old plastic bottle that you would otherwise have thrown away
  • Fashion conscious: you determine 100% your own fashion style
  • Less new plastic: You save again ‘new’ plastic jewelry from China!
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Make your own bracelets

By crafting bracelets you give the plastic bottle a second life. So in addition to creating something beautiful, you are also recycling plastic. Win win!

You throw the parts of the bottle that you don’t use with the plastic waste.

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You need: a plastic bottle!

To make fantastic creations of your own you only need a few things:

  • Plastic bottle
  • duct tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Iron
  • Paint, nail polish or even tipp-ex

And then… watch YouTube videos!

Watch on Youtube

See here how you homemade creative bracelets makes. An afternoon of tinkering and you’re done:

Here’s another example:

Exactly how you want it

Of course you can all kinds of variations making the bracelets smaller, larger or even more convex, possible with every color combination! Moreover… your brother/sister/nephew/niece will of course also enjoy making one!

Have fun with creative crafting!

Bonus: making beads

Did you know that you can also craft beads from plastic coke bottles? That requires a little more precision, experience and tools, but it is fun. Check out the video here:

Your favorite craft moment

And, are you also going to make your own bracelets from coke bottles? Or do you have another creative craft tip we should know about crafting with plastic bottles?

Put it in one comment below!

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