Maaike and Romi made the book ‘Not at home today’ with the best outings for parents and children: ‘There is so much more than a ball pit!’

You have already seen many places, how did you come up with the idea to bundle them for a book?

Romi: ‘When we Coffee and Go started, I already said that it was fun to make a booklet. But that costs a lot of money. That is why the idea was born to share everything online. At one point we had so many nice places that the idea kept getting bigger and bigger.’

Maaike: ‘We got in touch very spontaneously with a publisher. There was an immediate click and a week later we signed a contract. In the book you will find days away in the Netherlands, combined with nature and nice restaurants. These are mainly tips for weekends and holidays. If you want to leave, open the book and drive to that place. All places are fun for both parents and children.’

Romi: ‘It’s 35 days away. One big activity with 3 to 7 tips in the area, so you can make it an even longer trip by car and explore the area. They are all places that make parents and children happy.’

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