Look inside: this is where Jeroen Rietbergen lives

Jeroen Rietbergen has lost a lot after the The Voice scandal. His career, image, his wife Linda de Mol and his house. Fortunately, he was able to get the last two back after Linda decided to forgive him. Maarre, what does the house of the two actually look like?

Jeroen Rietbergen Linda de Mol house

The Voice scandal

He was out of the spotlight for a while, but Jeroen Rietbergen is totally hip again. Or well, sort of. In any case, he is in the news a lot again, but there is nothing positive to say. The Public Prosecution Service has decided to prosecute him and Ali B for sexual abuse.

The BOOS program revealed in January 2022 that there was misconduct in all kinds of ways at The Voice of Holland. Marco Borsato, Ali B and Jeroen Rietbergen were accused of transgressive behaviour. All kinds of things happened, but the men were not prosecuted for this. This is now finally being rectified.

Where is Jeroen?

After those hefty accusations, Jeroen Rietbergen lost a lot. His job, his career, his wife and his home. After the incident, he lived with his parents in Zeeland for a while, but he has since returned to East-West for a while, home is best. Linda has forgiven Jeroen and to this day (as far as we know) still stands up for him.

So Jeroen now lives with Linda again and he has managed that well. The house is very large and very expensive. Would you like to see more photos of this house? You can do this on the website of KnownBuren.

Jeroen Rietbergen Linda de Mol house
Source: Known Neighbors
Jeroen Rietbergen Linda de Mol house
Source: Known Neighbors

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