linkPizza manager showing deprecated messages on PHP 8.1

I use the linkPizza manager plugin for my website for the following reasons.

Reason 1:

To adjust links to products in webshops so that they become affiliate links. If you buy something in one of those webshops, I will receive a fee for it. The product does not become more expensive by using these links. I also only link to products that I have tested myself, bought or that I support. Examples are hard drives or Office.

Reason 2:

Via Linkpizza I also work with companies to write content for them. They are of course curious how many visitors my website has, how often the content I write for them is viewed and how often the links in the content are clicked. This controls the linkPizza manager plugin.

So then I have been 100% transparent about this…

Upgrade to PHP 8.1

With the March upgrade to PHP 8.1, the linkPizza manager plugin started showing “deprecated messages” in the error log.

The plugin uses the FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING flag for the filter_input() function and has been deprecated since PHP 8.1.

Deprecation means that the flag is no longer supported and you need to change or remove it.

I have therefore modified the PHP code so that instead of filter_input() the WordPress sanitize_text_field() function is used.

For convenience I also replaced FILTER_SANITIZE_URL with sanitize_text_field() but this flag is not yet deprecated on PHP 8.1.

How to solve the deprecated notifications in linkPizza manager?

Download the modified version of the plugin from the link below.

Download version

Unzip the ZIP file and upload the folder linkpizza-manager over the existing folder on the server.

What has changed in linkPizza manager?

See readme.txt and search all files for “deprecated in PHP 8.1”.

Tested on:

WordPress 6.2.2 and PHP 8.1

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