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Editorial Medicalfacts/ Janine Budding 23 May 2023 – 00:20

This month Leerhuis Epilepsy celebrates its 5th anniversary and in those years there have been major developments within the organization, with the CRKBO registration on April 21, 2023 as icing on the cake. The CRKBO register includes institutions that comply with the quality code for training institutions for short vocational education.

The CRKBO standards and conditions are drawn up by the CPION. The CPION is an independent organization with a great deal of experience in the field of substantive assessment of study programs in the Netherlands. “After supplying various documents and explanations, an official audit took place,” says Céline van Aalst, coordinator Leerhuis Epilepsy. “Because we meet all quality requirements, we have a formal registration from April 21, 2023. This shows our customers and students that we stand for high quality and professionalism.”

Kempenhaeghe and SEIN

That Leerhuis Epilepsy continues to develop, you can see, among other things, by the new training courses and e-learnings that they develop and renew. Over the past five years, Leerhuis Epilepsy has invested in blended learning and classroom training and advanced training and various in-depth training have been developed. Three more e-learnings have been added in recent years. “Leerhuis Epilepsy continues to critically test existing training courses and e-learnings. We continue to innovate and adapt to the needs of our customers, the VG institutions. Because Leerhuis Epilepsy is affiliated with Kempenhaeghe and SEIN, we have access to the latest information and can make use of the knowledge and expertise in all areas. This means that our training courses are so close to practice, but also provide real insight into the scientific neurological part,” adds Van Aalst.

New training: Team training

That Leerhuis Epilepsy continues to innovate regularly, they also show with the very latest training; Team training Epilepsy. This is a continuation of the Advanced Epilepsy Training that is followed after the Basic Epilepsy Training. During the Team Training Epilepsy, one goes deeper into case histories of the team and intervision takes place. “This training has been developed based on the need of our customers to receive extra insights and help with case histories submitted by a team,” says Céline van Aalst enthusiastically.

About Learning House

Leerhuis Epilepsy is an initiative of SEIN and Kempenhaeghe. Our goal is to improve care for people with epilepsy in the Netherlands. Together we have a lot of knowledge from science and practice. If we share this knowledge with other healthcare professionals, we can jointly ensure better epilepsy care in the Netherlands. Our training courses are given by employees of SEIN or Kempenhaeghe. The lessons are intended for people with a MBO and/or HBO education.

Source: Kempenhaeghe

Editorial Medicalfacts/ Janine Budding

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