Leader BBB party also grateful recipient of special book WILLY ON TOUR

Journalist Frans van den Nieuwenhof recently published a book PSV icon and celebrity Willy van der Kuijlen.

Earlier, a wonderful book about the legendary footballer and Mister PSV was published, called: ‘Willy – The promise, the vedette, the legend’. It described in a short sentence what van der Kuijlen had to offer and what he achieved for PSV. The national recognition for the achievements of Willy van der Kuijlen was already there, but the book with the aforementioned title ‘Willy – The promise, the vedette, the legend’ shows even more about the so-called national recognition.

So last week another book about the legendary Willy van der Kuijlen was published. Because Mister PSV can be called legendary, although the Helmonder was already that before his death. The most recent book goes all over the Netherlands and was also praised last week by Today Inside, where the table gentlemen were very enthusiastic about the beautiful book.

Meanwhile, BBB leader Caroline van der Plas is also the proud owner of the book WILLY ON TOUR. ‘In the Philips Stadium, the battle cry “Farmers! Farmers! Farmers!” to hear,” reads on LinkedIn. ‘No wonder that Caroline van der Plas feels perfectly at home there’, Frans van den Nieuwenhof writes via LinkedIn. ‘She is now also the proud owner of the visual biography “Willy” by Frans van den Nieuwenhof about the life of the greatest PSV player of all time: Willy van der Kuijlen’, says Frans van den Nieuwenhof.

If you would also like to obtain this standard work, click below to order it in the PSV FANstore: https://lnkd.in/eJtqs4XN

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