Lawyer cancels GroenLinks membership because Klaver and Halsema are affiliated with the World Economic Forum

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Lawyer Meike Terhorst has previously canceled her GroenLinks membership because Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema and GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver are affiliated with the World Economic Forum.

“I think that Dutch politicians and also Jesse Klaver should not be affiliated with the World Economic Forum because the World Economic Forum works for Shell and foreign investors,” said Terhorst.

I don’t want a corporate takeover

“Functions of Dutch politicians and the World Economic Forum should not be connected,” the lawyer stressed. “I do not want corporate takeover.”

Terhorst wants Minister Hugo de Jonge and virologist Ab Osterhaus to testify under oath about the deliberate spread of disinformation about corona and the vaccinations. She has submitted a request for a preliminary witness hearing on behalf of 10 children and young people.

Obviously incorrect

The reason is that they have made statements that are clearly false and what we want to investigate is whether they did so intentionally, said the lawyer.

“Minister De Jonge also said that the vaccines have been thoroughly investigated, while he must have known that that was not the case at all.” She pointed out that research shows that those vaccines have not been properly tested at all for reproductive effects and also not tested for carcinogenicity.

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