Lagarde hints at further rate hikes: “We have to be brave and do whatever it takes to get inflation to 2 percent”

Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank (ECB), noted in an interview with the Spanish TV channel TVE that the monetary institution must do everything possible to bring inflation down further. “We are starting to see the effect of the measures, but we still need sustainably high interest rates,” he said.

Why is this important?

The ECB has been raising interest rates since the summer of 2022. The aim is to reduce inflation to 2 percent (in the medium term).

In the news: In an interview with TVE, Lagarde said the ECB’s tightening policy measures are starting to have an effect, but more action is needed.

  • “We must not lose sight of our objective. We must therefore do everything we can to achieve it,” said the president of the ECB. “We will take all necessary measures to bring inflation down to 2 percent. There is no doubt about that.” Inflation in the Eurozone was previous

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