Kevin from ‘Farmer seeks Woman’ gives an update on his love life

The most eventful season of Farmer seeks wife it’s been going on for almost a month now. But life goes on for the farmers, of course. For Kevin, this means that he is still single, although the raspberry and chicory farmer cannot complain about a lack of female attention.

In the last season of Farmer seeks wife Kevin made one of the most contentious choices in the decision making process. At that time, the farmer still had three wives on his farm. He had given Elke a new chance two weeks earlier. She had asked because she felt she had not yet been able to show Kevin who she really was. Elke was given and seized the opportunity, so that many even expected that she would eventually be chosen.

In the end, Kevin went for Jana after deciding to “follow his heart”. On a romantic trip, however, things quickly went wrong between them and at the reunion moment it turned out that the two were no longer together. It was also later revealed that Heidi is now together with Kevin’s cousin and that Elke also has a boyfriend.

“Love life on the back burner”

Kevin himself is still single. “At the moment my love life is on the back burner. I wasn’t allowed to date during the program, right? But that could soon change now. The most important thing is that my future takes me as I am: enterprising and a bit funny, but sometimes also very serious,” says Kevin – with a slight sneer at Jana – in Hello everyone.

“I get a lot of female attention, which is great of course. I used to have low self-esteem, but it has seriously improved recently,” concludes the raspberry and chicory farmer.

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