Kaj Gorgels briefly loses a serious presenter role during Temptation Island

The program Temptation Island: Love or Leave is nerve wracking for all the couples participating. Of course they participate themselves, but when you’re there it’s still exciting. Getting images of your partner during the campfire that you don’t hope for, we don’t wish that on anyone. During the campfire, Kaj and Monica sit with the candidates to guide them and ask questions about these images. Yesterday it was the men’s turn and Kaj briefly slipped out of his role during his presentation, he was ‘real Kaj’ for a while. Where he normally comes across as quite serious, we all know that he is a star in typing, that he makes one funny comment after the other and that he is also not averse to a small (well-intentioned) sting here or there.

He needs to talk about croquettes for a second.

Kaj Gorgels briefly loses a serious presenter role during Temptation Island

During the campfire footage, Joel says he misses his girlfriend Shanta’s crazy comments. For example, she talks about Ali de Kroket. “Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, that’s how we all know him,” jokes Kaj. Or Joel asks if he should be worried, Kaj replies with a big smile: “I don’t know if she likes croquettes.” Joel knows how to name her snack bar order: “No, usually fries mayo and a frikandel.” Kaj responds again: “Yes, you know that better than us boy.”


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“😂 this was really the best of the whole episode”, you can read in the comments.

Not just fun

Yet it was not all laughter during the images. For example, Lester got to see how his girlfriend Miriam completely freaked out after seeing her picture frame image. Her aggression didn’t sit well with him.

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