Just a Zaans Minute: Jaws ­čÄą

While the first couples of ducks proudly show off their tankards, it is swarming with abrasive scales underneath them. The headline ‘Jaws’ makes no sense (nice and exciting): the carp are trying to court each other. It has to be reproduced.

Anyway, it’s not really news.

At De Hurricane we are on top of the news. We play top sport, are always on, and see the Zaan. And, okay, very occasionally we hobble after facts. Fortunately, in those cases we are usually called to order by our razor-sharp readers: #happy.

Still, we think the bow can’t always be tight. Sometimes the Zaan offers nothing new, but it is nice to watch. That’s why we occasionally treat you (and us!) to one Just like that Zaans Minute where little or nothing happens.

Hence: an intimate fish film. That’s all it is for today.

Earlier we just shot a Zaans Minute of:

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