Jana from ‘Blind Married’ shows her new boyfriend for the first time

Love is still going very well with Jana De Bosscher. The former contestant of Blind Married shared a photo of her new boyfriend for the first time on Instagram. The two were traveling together in Paris.

Jana and Christiaan took care of Blind Married for the most exciting decision moment. Jana had said in advance that she would write two letters and follow Christiaan’s decision. He eventually chose “no”, after which his other half also brought out her “no” letter, with a lot of emotions as a result.

The fact that the marriage between Christiaan and Jana did not work was a slight surprise to some viewers. Initially, the two seemed to grow closer together the fastest. Christiaan would later also admit that he was truly in love for the first time in his life. And that feeling also surfaced with Jana – a little too late. After the production, she doubted her “no” and hoped for a reunion. However, Christiaan did not like that, so their marriage finally ended.

New friend

A few months later, Jana finally found love. She announced this herself in early March. Jana then shared a photo of a romantic picnic on her Instagram Story. She later confirmed that she had indeed met someone new recently. “It is still early days, but it is in good shape and therefore feels longer than it is. We got to know each other while going out,” it sounded then.

However, we did not get to see a picture of her news boyfriend in those photos. She shared it last weekend. We see the two in love sitting and lying on a bench in the French capital Paris.

Source: Instagram @janadebosscher

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